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American Culture Overseas Education Consultancy

Ak Abroad has been established under the coordination of Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım and Gökhan Suluhan, who have both experience in the sector for over 10 years.

Our Company with its Head Office in Beşiktaş, has many representation offices throughout Turkey.


Every year hundreds of students open the doors of abroad education safely and bring light to their career goals.

Our Services :

  • Abroad Summer School Programs
  • Abroad Language Training Programs
  • Abroad High School and University Preparation Programs
  • Abroad Associate Degree and University Programs
  • Abroad Master and MBA Programs
  • Abroad PhD and Masters Programs
  • Abroad Vocational Education; Certificate and Internship Programs
  • Abroad Individual and Group Special Education Programs ( Special programs for Family, Occupation Groups and bureaucrats)

In Ak Abrod, each process has a separate department and specialist. The specialists of each department follow the developments and innovations in the sector through continuous studies and adapt them to our corporate structure. You can get detailed information from the specialist of the concerned department for your each process.

Our Service Departments:

  1. Customer Recognition – Free Consultation
  2. Program Registration Processes
  3. Visa Follow-up Processes
  4. Overseas Travel, Accommodation and Living Processes
  5. Consulting During Education

All your processes are monitored by online customer monitoring system (CRM program special for our company ). After-Service Customer satisfaction has the greatest importance for our company’s growth strategy.

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